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Sunday, January 07, 2007



Get some of those commit lozenges. I haven't had a smoke in a week.


Scott, I just wanted to let you know I bought the lozenges today. I popped the first one in my mouth 20 minutes ago. I'm experiencing the biggest nicotine buzz of my life at the moment. Tongue is numb. This might work. Are you doing the plan as they suggest or just when you have the urge?


Happy (Inter)National De-Lurking Week from Nova Scotia, Canada!


I use the 2mg lozenges. Right now, I probably have one about every 1.5 to 2 hours. The idea is to wean off the smokes and onto the lozenges and then kick the lozenges. I don't know how much you smoked normally (on my own, I probably never smoked more than 3-8 cigarettes a day), but depending you should be able to just eat one when you have an urge and then slowly back off them.

The thing about the *mint* ones is that they're SO FRIGGIN' MINTY that you don't want anything NEAR your mouth for about 20 minutes afterwards.

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