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Saturday, January 06, 2007



We rarely got to the theater anymore, not because it's too expensive, but because people are assholes. I'm pretty convinced that the advent of home theater systems and DVDs and giant televisions have simply trained people to treat the theater as if it were an extension of their living room, and not a public space. If the theaters would get bouncers and start kicking people out, I'd go more often.


I agree. There is no sense of understanding when it comes to watching films in groups. No one seems to notice when it is appropriate to laugh, gasp, sigh or be silent. It's constant running commentary.

The crowd that once enhanced the movie going experience by adding a very social and human dynamic to film watching now only seems to distract.

With all of the press I've seen advertised about Children of Men I have to admit I felt many viewers, and my experience, fell victim to the idea this would be some high octane, action packed futurama story replete with lazors and cyborgs or at least a Mad Max revolution. They completely missed the social comentary aspect or chose to ignore it.

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