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    These are various photos taken around and about. I use a simple point and shoot Kodak digital camera. They are all random images. I hope to save up for a professional camera soon.
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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Tiffany PinkDog

Yay for still not smoking! But running OUTSIDE? Isn't it cold out there? Dude, that's hardcore.

And yay for sister's baby on the way! Yeah, it sounds like a less-than-perfect situation, but we tend to forget what an awesomely amazing thing it is that a girl can grow a whole other human inside of her. It's neat! And a blessing, too, as cheesy as that sounds.


You are becoming the picture of health, physical and otherwise. You should totally run a self-help seminar. (I'd probably come to it.)

Congrats on the uncle thing.


Yeah, being an uncle won't be too bad, accepting the fact that my little sis is retarded. I mean that in a lighthearted, most congenial way.

And Limon, were you being sarcastic? Cause really, self help? Are you kidding? I'm so neurotic it ain't even funny. I just write these things down so I remember that times really aren't ALWAYS that bad in my brain.

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