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Friday, January 19, 2007



And the smoking?


As of today it has been 13 days since my last smoke. Tomorrow . . . two whole weeks. The lozenges are really helping curb the cravings.

Tiffany PinkDog

Two weeks of not-smoking. That's awesome! When I was quitting (in 2001) it was at about 2 weeks that I began hacking my guts up every time I did anything that involved increased lung capacity--even just hoofing it across campus for class. That was my poor lungs hacking up all the tar and stuff that was in them. It was my lungs coming back to life.

Yay for live lungs!

I know what you mean about other people's dramas, and how it feels like it's your drama, and it affects you almost as such. The lesson you are teaching yourself right now is one I have been struggling to learn for ages. I cannot seem to learn it. I, like, VOLUNTEER to carry other Schmoes's baggage. Why can I not learn?


It is so easy to do Tif, picking up other people's drama. This is especially true for me when I don't have actual drama of my own. The weekend was much worse. I put a moritorum on visiting with said people in this post -- and then I broke the moritorum.

I won't say I was directly involved, but I did try to dispense some advice. This was a mistake. The crisis maker and crisis adopter know I am correct, but are unwilling to take action. So, I'm just going to redouble my efforts to stay the hell out of the way.

Oh, and not smoke and try not to throw up a lung, which I did Sunday at the gym, as I ran. Awesome.

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